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How To Get Paid Today When You Really Need Money

counting cash in hand

There are times when you need money instantly.

We’ve all been there at least once.

When I was starting a business there were a few times I needed to go out and get cash instantly just to get groceries.

If this is your situation I’d recommend seriously sitting down and thinking of how your going to increase your income. But until then lets get you some cash!

1 – Return a recent purchase

I always keep receipts.  It comes in handy when you want to return something and don’t want in store credit.  If you’ve bought something you can even temporarily live without, go return a recent purchase and get cash.

2 – Sell Plasma

You’ve got about 10 pints of the stuff in our body right now. You can give one about twice a week and get paid for your time doing it.

I checked online and plasma donation centers are always offering promotions to get people coming in.  They were offering a promotion today where if you go twice a week they will give a bonus to make $500 your first month.  That’s not bad considering that can really help out. But they also pay cash before you leave.  Call ahead and make an appointment because these places get BUSY.

3 – Go Knock on Doors

There are a number of things you can sell door to door.

3.1 – Window Washing

I’ve done this many times and not just in an emergency. Every summer I  go to Home Depot and get a bottle of professional window washing solution, it’s like $4 so just get it.  And usually get a new squeegee.  I’ve picked up extra tools too like a belt that holds my squeegees and window scrubber, extension poles and a good step ladder.

I know all the neighborhoods in my area with single story houses.  I go around knocking on doors offering to wash windows for $40. I can always get 2 to 3 people to say yes and make $80 to $120 in half a day.

Try it!

3.2 – Get Creative

I’ve considered many things to sell door to door.  I’ve sold satellite TV, security systems, solar, and more but those don’t pay today.

I’ve wandered through dollar stores and found items people would purchase. I’ve thought of local businesses that would offer money if you got a customer for them.  One thing I recently wanted to try was wandering neighborhoods and selling window well covers to home owners, a window company would happily offer you a discount on the product if they knew what you were doing. You go get the sale, collect the money, go back to the window company and pick up the goods and bring them back to your customer. This is called arbitrage.

Hit the Pawn Shop

Probably one of the least desirable options but if you have something of value, they will give you a loan on it. Just make sure you know you can pay them back because they typically wont loan more than 50% of the value.

Back in the day before credit this was how people borrowed money. It sucks but if you need the cash it is available.


This should give you a few ideas if you need money right away.

Do you like this type of article? Let me know and I’ll create more!

Legal Disclaimer:

When providing services for people always be careful to not hurt yourself or damage property. Do not mislead people and make sure they know you are not a business that has insurance and that you are just providing a service because you have a skill and that you are just another every day person.

Career Showcase

Small Engine Repair As A Career

old lawnmower

I noticed a while ago there were several small engine repair shops in my area.  I was amazed they were making enough money to have an entire shop.

This got me curious, so I thought I would do some research and see how much money you could make in small engine repair and what the career options were in this field.


Market Research

I first went to Google and checked for search data.  Turns out the term “small engine repair near me” gets about 3,600 searches per month with several related searches getting a fair amount of volume too.

Next I wanted to see in my local area how the businesses appeared to be doing.  Of the 3 shops nearest me they had an average of 84 Google reviews meaning they’re getting a good amount of customers.

small engine repair business listings with reviews

This makes sense.  People would rather pay someone $80 to $100 per hour to replace something that could potentially cost a lot more if they go buy a replacement.


How Much Money Small Engine Mechanics Make

This takes some guessing but after doing my research, here is what I’ve found about small engine repair salaries and business income.

First I went to the internet and researched sites like and Glassdoor and saw that online people are saying that a small engine mechanic makes somewhere between $14 and $18 per hour. I searched local jobs and found that’s pretty accurate if you’re employed by a small engine repair shop.

Small Engine Repair Business Owners

It’s hard to speculate what you could make as a business owner because other factors come into play like marketing, salesmanship and customer service.

There is no shortage of engines to work on. I noticed lawn mowers, trimmers and edgers, leaf blowers, aerators, pumps, pressure washers, tillers, snow blowers and chainsaws.  From what I could tell on local business websites the going rate is about $80/hour plus parts if you’re the one running the show

Not only can you repair these products you can sell new or repaired items as well giving you another income stream.


Ideas To Make More Money In Small Engine Repair

If this were my business the first thing I’d do is print flyers and go knock on doors.  With the number of small engines per household, you’re more than likely to find at least one person per hour who needs an engine repaired or know someone who does.

Next I’d attend local networking meetings like BNI groups, business meetups and other networking meetings and get my name out there as a small engine repair genius.

I’d also collect broken equipment all summer, repair it over the winter and sell everything in the spring to generate extra revenue all year.

I’d also get a website put together ASAP and get listed in Google so people can find you that way too.


How To Become A Small Engine Mechanic

There are more than likely courses at your local community college that can give you hands on experience fixing small engines.

You could also learn these skills online, however I’d recommend finding some free small engines locally that are running or broken to work on while learning the skills.  I found that Penn Foster offers a 4 month program that will certify you in small engine repair.  There are also free courses in small engine repair you can find here.  If you go a free route I’d recommend working for free or a reduced rate on your first couple customers, then get reviews from them to vouch for your skills.

It’s also always a great idea to have a physical book or two to reference and read over a few times.  This one on Amazon looked pretty good and was the most recently published


Should I do more posts like this? Let me know in the comments!




Cool Services You Should Consider Using

STASH Invest

Stash is an app you can get from either the Apple app store or Google Play.  Stash allows you to invest in individual stocks, bonds and low cost ETFs with as little as $5.

You can also get a STASH debit card to make the service even easier. The debit card allows you to activate their Stock Back service where you can spend your money and get a percentage back in Stock.

You can setup an IRA or Roth IRA, custodial accounts for your children or just use one of their creative service like Round-Ups that will save your spare change every time you make a purchase and put that into the stock market for you.

Cool Features of Stash Invest

  • Debit Card with optional Stock Back option
  • You can add money directly from you bank account or add money at anyplace that lets you add money to reloadable cards like Walgreens or CVS
  • At a glance you can see how your investments are performing
  • Earn money by referring others to the program (Contact us here and request a referral code for an additional $5 when you sign up)


There is a $1 fee (fairly low cost for what they offer, but it isn’t a pro so…)



Making More

The Best Side Jobs and Gigs To Make Extra Money

Pizza boy

There are an abundance of side jobs and gigs out there to make extra money every month.

Whether your looking to pay down debt or get your investment to a level where your going to be able to retire early. There are many reasons to go out and earn more money.

After reading this article you will have an idea of how to increase your earnings and achieve your goals.

Pizza Delivery

  • Most pizza joints are looking for delivery drivers all the time.  We live in a convenience economy and delivery is getting more popular every day.
  • Perks of being a delivery driver
  • They hire quickly so you will be making extra money almost instantly.
  • You get free pizza when you work.
  • People tip pretty well with an average tip of $5
  • Pizza delivery drivers are paid hourly, by the mile and with tips, you can make over $20 an hour delivering pizza.
  • They are happy to let you work 2 or 3 days a week.

Overall I think this is one of the best side jobs someone can get. It’s easy, flexible and honestly a fun environment to work in.  You can also look at the other places offering delivery services like Jimmy Johns, or the local Chinese restaurant.


Uber is a great side gig because it’s the ultimate flexibility. You can drive any time you want!

The Pros:

  • Drive whenever or where ever you want.  Check out my case study of driving early in the morning.
  • You get tips
  • Uber gives the option to instantly deposit your cash into your account. Drive for a hour or two before going out for the night and you’ve covered your cost already.
  • You can use it when your in a pinch and need cash quickly.


  • The pay has continually decreased.
  • You have to deal with strangers in your car.
  • You don’t know where your trip is going to take you, so you could end up driving a long ways in a direction you don’t want to go.
  • Sometimes it can be very slow and you don’t make much money.
  • Wear and tear on your vehicle.

This option is a good one. If your even thinking of doing it I’d recommend getting set up with Uber now so when you want to, you can just go out instead of waiting for approval.

Valet Driver

There are many places places that offer valet for their customers.  But the most common are restaurants and hotels.

If you are wanting to be a valet driver in the morning you will make the most money at a hotel.  Guests are leaving and leave bigger tips for the guy who brings them their car then for the guy who they drop it off with.

If your thinking the evenings are for you then the restaurants are where you’re going to make the money.

Valet drivers typically make a lower than minimum wage hourly pay but make up for it with tips.  I was a Valet driver in college and could make between $20 and $100 per night, it really will vary.

The Pros:

  • You get to drive a variety of cars; once customer will show up in a beat up Honda Civic, then the next will have a Mercedes G Wagon.
  • You get really good and parking in small places.
  • It’s easy.
  • People you work with will usually be pretty laid back.

The Cons:

  • It can be slow and you will go home with $15 after 4 hours some nights.
  • If the weather is bad, you in it till your shift is over.
  • It’s weekends where your going to make you money, so kiss those good bye.

Valet driving is another high turnover job where you can get hired quickly, make some extra cash when you need to and have some fun while doing it.

For anyone reading this, PLEASE tip the drivers when you drop off your car AND pick it up, they are different people and only one of them is making the money if you don’t. Thanks 🙂


Farmers Markets

Many vendors are looking for help on on just one or two days per week at their farmers market stands.  You can often make pretty good money working only one day per week.  This is a good option if you’re just looking for a little extra money to pay down a student loan or credit card.


I’ll be adding more to this article shortly. If there is a side job or gig that has worked great for you leave it in the comments and we’ll add it to the article.

Day to day finance

How Warren Buffett REALLY Made His Money

Warren Buffett.  So many people talk about this guy like he is the greatest investor in the world, and he might be.  Just in a different way than you’ve heard.

You’ve probably read ALL about:

compound interest

value investing

index funds

Getting rich slowly and more.

Think about it for a sec, did Warren turn 59 and cash out his 401k and Roth IRA after he was frugal his whole life and put away all his extra pennies??


See there are a lot of myths about Warren Buffett.

  • He’s a value investor (he isn’t).

  • He’s a nice guy (he might be but the public “niceness” that we see is a persona).

  • He’s a long-term investor (he isn’t always).

  • He made all his money from investing (he didn’t).

  • He’s a straight shooter (he’s not).

And he’s not your grandpa.

First he ran a hedge fund and collected a lot of fees (A LOT OF FEES)

Next he bought a few small banks. which make more money when you think about it.

After that, he ran an insurance company. The grand daddy of them all.

So what, he was good at running companies. Yeah pretty much. But he was strategic and always made sure he got a great deal.

See how he really came to own Berkshire Hathaway, how he WORKED OVER Goldman Sachs and ALWAYS get the best deal in the rest of the article by James Altucher.

Saving More

Using Google Chrome To Save Money

Do you use Chrome to browse the web?

Most people do! Chrome is the second most used internet browser in the world, only being beat by Safari for Iphone.  That’s a lot of Iphones!

So how do you use Google Chrome to save money?

Chrome extensions

the google web store

Head over the the Google Chrome web store at

There are two extensions in particular you want to look for:


Honey will notice when you’re shopping online and knows all of the coupon codes for pretty much everything on the internet.

Say you’re shopping on the Macy’s website for a new pair of jeans, Honey will load a coupon code at checkout and save you between 1 – 20%

honey chrome extension showing discounts


As you shop online you will be surprised at how much you can save by using Honey.  Check out the website for more info

Retail Me Not

The next best Chrome extension to look for is from Retail me not.

Retail Me Not chrome extension

Retail me not has coupon codes and cash back offers from all over the web.  I’m sure you have heard of their website, but the Chrome extesion is FAR more convenient and packs all the benefits.

Do you know of any other extensions?  Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list!


Making More

How To Get Rich | According To Mark Cuban

Mark Cubans 9 rules to getting rich

Here at Money That Counts We like analyzing people that are great with money. Naturally, we wanted to do a post on Mark Cuban. I mean, he is a billionaire.  Everyone knows who he is, he owns the Dallas Mavericks and is one of the infamous “Sharks” on the tv show Shark Tank, where he has invested in companies like Simple Sugars and Ten Thirty One Productions.

I’ve always thought of him as the cool shark, and figure he has some advice worth listening to. He recently made a video with Vanity Fair and gave his top 9 tips to getting a little richer.

Check below the video for our infographic and let us know what you think?

What to know how people are making several hundred Dollars a day in the Cryptocurrency markets? Watch this video by my friend Cryptogirl – Watch the video

I especially agree with the following:

Invest in the cheapest index fund that matches the market.

If you haven’t started investing yet you can open an account with an investment bank or download an app like Stash and start now with just $5.

Negotiate Using Cash

I’ve made an effort to try to negotiate when possible.  Even just asking for a discount at fast food restaurants or the hardware store have gotten me coupons and discounts I didn’t know were available.


Buy Consumables in Bulk or When On Sale

I shop at Costco about once a month and get cheap foods like freezer burritos and huge amounts of paper towels and toilet paper.  If you know you’re going to use it, you may as well buy in mass quantity to save some cash.

Amazon is great too, sometimes even better than Costco.

This deal is less than $1 per roll!

What money saving tips do you have? Let us know in the comments!

Day to day finance

The App Only Bank Takeover

Cell phone and credit card for mobile banking

All over the world app only banking is taking over.

This is exciting news for a younger generation like me and you.

With more banking options available, they have to compete with each other for our business.  That means we’re getting more benefits by moving to the competition. Some banks are including:

  • no overdraft or late fees
  • higher interest earned on our savings
  • no ATM fees for when you need cash
  • no credit checks or approvals needed
  • better loan terms

and the list goes on and on.

Are App Based Banks Safe?

Absolutely! These new banking options are insured in the same way brick and mortar banks like Bank Of AMerica and Wells Fargo are.  You have just as much protections with all the new banks, but you may want to do a little Googling to check on reviews and verify they are insured.

What app based banks are there?


Stash started as a way to invest in the stock market without paying fees.  They allow you to start with just $5 too! They are about to launch their banking option.  If you’d like an extra $5 for signing up message me your phone number and I’ll send you a code.


Simple is a great option because they offer you 2% interest on you money and have extra features that help you save more money.

They even have a “Safe to send” feature that will do the math for you when you wondering if you should make a big purchase or not.  Sounds pretty cool!


GoBanks tagline is “No Overdraft fees, no worries”  They are trying to really help the market with nice features like being able to make cash deposits at many Walmart locations.


Making More

Getting Started Investing With Stocks | With Just $5

Stash investing homescreen

Technology is revolutionizing almost every industry.  Especially banking and investing.  You may have seen the new apps and online only banks popping up everywhere. It’s creating new opportunities every day.

When it comes to investing the first logical step is to start investing in your employers 401k.  Many employers will match your contribution up to a certain percentage to help you boost your retirement income.

The second step would be a Roth IRA.  This is another tax advantaged account where you put in your contributions after the money has been taxed, but then when you’re at retirement age, currently 59 1/2 I believe, you can take out your money TAX FREE.  If you’re young and this doesn’t excite you, just know that it will save you potentially tens of thousands if you contribute regularly.

But Hey I have A Little Extra I Want To Invest For Fun

I hear ya.  That’s what I wanted to do.  Most investment firms will charge fees each time you purchase and sell your stocks.

That’s where my favorite investing app comes in:

stash investing logo

invest with stash

Stash allows you to buy and sell your stocks with just $5 at a time.

Their service is affordable at just $1 per month.  if you’re investing five dollars at a time that one dollar fee is high in comparison to other funds, but it’s giving you an opportunity to invest in a large number of index funds and individual stocks any time you want.  So if you ask me, it’s a great deal.

I’ll update this post with my portfolio progress at I build a more robust portfolio.

If you’d like a bonus when you sign up, send a message to us with your phone number on the contact page and we’ll send you a bonus code.