Cell phone and credit card for mobile banking

All over the world app only banking is taking over.

This is exciting news for a younger generation like me and you.

With more banking options available, they have to compete with each other for our business.  That means we’re getting more benefits by moving to the competition. Some banks are including:

  • no overdraft or late fees
  • higher interest earned on our savings
  • no ATM fees for when you need cash
  • no credit checks or approvals needed
  • better loan terms

and the list goes on and on.

Are App Based Banks Safe?

Absolutely! These new banking options are insured in the same way brick and mortar banks like Bank Of AMerica and Wells Fargo are.  You have just as much protections with all the new banks, but you may want to do a little Googling to check on reviews and verify they are insured.

What app based banks are there?


Stash started as a way to invest in the stock market without paying fees.  They allow you to start with just $5 too! They are about to launch their banking option.  If you’d like an extra $5 for signing up message me your phone number and I’ll send you a code.


Simple is a great option because they offer you 2% interest on you money and have extra features that help you save more money.

They even have a “Safe to send” feature that will do the math for you when you wondering if you should make a big purchase or not.  Sounds pretty cool!


GoBanks tagline is “No Overdraft fees, no worries”  They are trying to really help the market with nice features like being able to make cash deposits at many Walmart locations.