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Increasing your income is a goal many of us have.

There are 3 ways you can do this, Get a raise at your current job, start a side hustle and make more money on your own time, or find a better job.

This article is focusing on finding a better job.

Here’s the thing, RIGHT NOW is the time to be looking, before you NEED the income.

There are a bunch of reasons to keep your eyes open for better opportunities.  You might not feel like you’re doing what you WANT to be doing.

Maybe you hate your boss.

Whatever the reason is, here are a few guidelines to help you move to a better position.

Don’t tell anyone at your current workplace.

You may really trust Bobby over in the next cubicle, but he might also trust several other people who you’d rather not know about your job hunting.

As the old saying goes, “Loose lips sink ships,” it’s just better to keep quiet until you’ve got something lined up.

Tell as many people as you can outside of your current job

This is within reason of course. You don’t want word getting back to anyone.  But the easiest way to find the best opportunities is to get an introduction at a company BEFORE they go looking. You also never know WHO will let you know about the best opportunities.  My wife got a really great job with a considerable upgrade in pay and benefits when I mentioned to a friend that she didn’t like her current job.  He knew a position was opening at his firm the following month.

Update your Linkedin Profile

This is important to many employers who offer the best pay and benefits.  Linkedin shows your experience in public fashion, endorsements and a well built professional network can get you pretty far when employers are looking at your profile.

Side note: clean up your Facebook, Twitter or Insta too.  Better yet, make those profiles private.  Potential employers might go snooping around and find those photos of you that you’d rather not have them see.

No smack talking your old boss

You’re just hunting for a new opportunity. There is no need to burn bridges, even if your current boss is a huge jerk. You also never know if smack talk will backfire on you. Mentioned in an article at Efinancial Careers “While they very well may be have been terrible, you don’t want to suggest that you are a malcontent who has trouble getting along with people.” and “Complaining is also not a positive thing to do in an interview, and shows lack of judgment.”

I’d agree with those statements. As an interviewer I’d be cautions to hire a trash talker.

Start a Blog

This is a a really easy way to put your skills out there.  Write about your skills, hobbies and passions.  It might land you your dream job.  It also gives you a way to show your work without having to brag during your interview.

Networking Events

This is a good one because it shows initiative.  If a potential employer sees you trying to better yourself and putting work on your own time, they’ll see your great character and might give you a shot to job hop on over to their place.


It’s a good idea to always be on the lookout for your dream job, or just a pay raise. Imagine the difference in your life when you either LOVE what you do, or able to add an extra 10% to your annual earnings. You could finally get started with investing, or go on a dream vacation.