Mark Cubans 9 rules to getting rich

Here at Money That Counts We like analyzing people that are great with money. Naturally, we wanted to do a post on Mark Cuban. I mean, he is a billionaire.  Everyone knows who he is, he owns the Dallas Mavericks and is one of the infamous “Sharks” on the tv show Shark Tank, where he has invested in companies like Simple Sugars and Ten Thirty One Productions.

I’ve always thought of him as the cool shark, and figure he has some advice worth listening to. He recently made a video with Vanity Fair and gave his top 9 tips to getting a little richer.

Check below the video for our infographic and let us know what you think?

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I especially agree with the following:

Invest in the cheapest index fund that matches the market.

If you haven’t started investing yet you can open an account with an investment bank or download an app like Stash and start now with just $5.

Negotiate Using Cash

I’ve made an effort to try to negotiate when possible.  Even just asking for a discount at fast food restaurants or the hardware store have gotten me coupons and discounts I didn’t know were available.


Buy Consumables in Bulk or When On Sale

I shop at Costco about once a month and get cheap foods like freezer burritos and huge amounts of paper towels and toilet paper.  If you know you’re going to use it, you may as well buy in mass quantity to save some cash.

Amazon is great too, sometimes even better than Costco.

This deal is less than $1 per roll!

What money saving tips do you have? Let us know in the comments!