counting cash in hand

There are times when you need money instantly.

We’ve all been there at least once.

When I was starting a business there were a few times I needed to go out and get cash instantly just to get groceries.

If this is your situation I’d recommend seriously sitting down and thinking of how your going to increase your income. But until then lets get you some cash!

1 – Return a recent purchase

I always keep receipts.  It comes in handy when you want to return something and don’t want in store credit.  If you’ve bought something you can even temporarily live without, go return a recent purchase and get cash.

2 – Sell Plasma

You’ve got about 10 pints of the stuff in our body right now. You can give one about twice a week and get paid for your time doing it.

I checked online and plasma donation centers are always offering promotions to get people coming in.  They were offering a promotion today where if you go twice a week they will give a bonus to make $500 your first month.  That’s not bad considering that can really help out. But they also pay cash before you leave.  Call ahead and make an appointment because these places get BUSY.

3 – Go Knock on Doors

There are a number of things you can sell door to door.

3.1 – Window Washing

I’ve done this many times and not just in an emergency. Every summer I  go to Home Depot and get a bottle of professional window washing solution, it’s like $4 so just get it.  And usually get a new squeegee.  I’ve picked up extra tools too like a belt that holds my squeegees and window scrubber, extension poles and a good step ladder.

I know all the neighborhoods in my area with single story houses.  I go around knocking on doors offering to wash windows for $40. I can always get 2 to 3 people to say yes and make $80 to $120 in half a day.

Try it!

3.2 – Get Creative

I’ve considered many things to sell door to door.  I’ve sold satellite TV, security systems, solar, and more but those don’t pay today.

I’ve wandered through dollar stores and found items people would purchase. I’ve thought of local businesses that would offer money if you got a customer for them.  One thing I recently wanted to try was wandering neighborhoods and selling window well covers to home owners, a window company would happily offer you a discount on the product if they knew what you were doing. You go get the sale, collect the money, go back to the window company and pick up the goods and bring them back to your customer. This is called arbitrage.

Hit the Pawn Shop

Probably one of the least desirable options but if you have something of value, they will give you a loan on it. Just make sure you know you can pay them back because they typically wont loan more than 50% of the value.

Back in the day before credit this was how people borrowed money. It sucks but if you need the cash it is available.


This should give you a few ideas if you need money right away.

Do you like this type of article? Let me know and I’ll create more!

Legal Disclaimer:

When providing services for people always be careful to not hurt yourself or damage property. Do not mislead people and make sure they know you are not a business that has insurance and that you are just providing a service because you have a skill and that you are just another every day person.