Warren Buffett.  So many people talk about this guy like he is the greatest investor in the world, and he might be.  Just in a different way than you’ve heard.

You’ve probably read ALL about:

compound interest

value investing

index funds

Getting rich slowly and more.

Think about it for a sec, did Warren turn 59 and cash out his 401k and Roth IRA after he was frugal his whole life and put away all his extra pennies??


See there are a lot of myths about Warren Buffett.

  • He’s a value investor (he isn’t).

  • He’s a nice guy (he might be but the public “niceness” that we see is a persona).

  • He’s a long-term investor (he isn’t always).

  • He made all his money from investing (he didn’t).

  • He’s a straight shooter (he’s not).

And he’s not your grandpa.

First he ran a hedge fund and collected a lot of fees (A LOT OF FEES)

Next he bought a few small banks. which make more money when you think about it.

After that, he ran an insurance company. The grand daddy of them all.

So what, he was good at running companies. Yeah pretty much. But he was strategic and always made sure he got a great deal.

See how he really came to own Berkshire Hathaway, how he WORKED OVER Goldman Sachs and ALWAYS get the best deal in the rest of the article by James Altucher.