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Taking surveys is a quick and easy way to make a little extra money, without spending to much time or effort. It’s not a bad way to pay for your Netflix bill each month and a tank of gas or two. If you work it right though, you can actually make quite a bit of money!

The problem is filtering out the time wasters from the money makers.  I’ve searched for the best surveys that actually pay you money without wasting your time.

We’ll start with one of the easiest, but lower paying surveys:

Google Opinion Rewards

you can find it in the Google Play store or IOS app store.

Screenshot of Google Opinion Rewards app















Install this app, answer a few quick questions about your demographics and you’re set.  You will get a few surveys a week that pay between 10 cents and $1.  I’ve had the app for a couple months and have gotten paid directly to my PayPal account several times. You have to be sure to allow location services in the app settings because the surveys are usually about places you visit.  One of the most common surveys I’ve gotten from Google Opinion Rewards is when visiting or driving by Target.

Gold Opinions | Survey Aggregator

Gold opinions works with companies of all sized and brings together surveys that matter to you.  When you sign up they will bring together opportunities to take higher paying surveys, as well as test products from companies like Apple, Samsung and a ton of up and coming companies.  You also get to keep your gadgets that you test and provide feedback for.

I was able to get a deal where if you use the link below, you can get started for only $1!  I highly recommend at least checking out their page:


I will continue to update this page.  This is an area of interest for me so I will report back as I test new sources and opportunities.