I’ve always liked negotiating.  Most people are afraid to ask for what they want.  If only they would realize people WANT to help you and give you what you want.

In this post I’m going to try and negotiate each utility and bill and see what happens.

Negotiating The Power Bill

Alright. Each month I’ve called and tried to see if I could get a discount.  Every time they say no that’s not how it works with them.  That’s fine.

I tried something a little different I asked if I could postpone my payment. They agreed.

Next I waited till they put a shut off notice on my door.  I called asking to pay a small amount now and the rest later. They agreed.


So it seems that when your trying to negotiate with the power company they will not budge on price, but are happy to negotiate terms.  This could be handy if you ever needed to postpone payments and need to put your money elsewhere like rent or a mortgage.

Water Sewer and Trash

I waited to see if they would put a shut off notice on my door. They didn’t, they just shut it off!  I was surprised at this one, no warning at all.

When I called they said their people are too busy to put out notices. Understandable I guess considering this is offered by the city and they don’t want to waste tax payer money with nonsense.

They informed me there was a $50 fee to turn the water back on. I tried to get it waived, they wouldn’t. I asked them to reduce it and they cut it down to $25


I wouldn’t call this a negotiating victory because I spent $25 more than I would have otherwise. But at lease I didn’t pay the full $50.


I have Comcast where I live. I got the promo price when I moved to my neighborhood 2 years ago but now the price is almost triple.  I’m going to call them pater today and update this post then.


Have you tried to negotiate a bill or utility? Tell us in the comments!