Do you use Chrome to browse the web?

Most people do! Chrome is the second most used internet browser in the world, only being beat by Safari for Iphone.  That’s a lot of Iphones!

So how do you use Google Chrome to save money?

Chrome extensions

the google web store

Head over the the Google Chrome web store at

There are two extensions in particular you want to look for:


Honey will notice when you’re shopping online and knows all of the coupon codes for pretty much everything on the internet.

Say you’re shopping on the Macy’s website for a new pair of jeans, Honey will load a coupon code at checkout and save you between 1 – 20%

honey chrome extension showing discounts


As you shop online you will be surprised at how much you can save by using Honey.  Check out the website for more info

Retail Me Not

The next best Chrome extension to look for is from Retail me not.

Retail Me Not chrome extension

Retail me not has coupon codes and cash back offers from all over the web.  I’m sure you have heard of their website, but the Chrome extesion is FAR more convenient and packs all the benefits.

Do you know of any other extensions?  Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list!